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Gina is widely known also for her iconic store Cominichi’s opened in 1989 and closed in 2014; all those years she had a beloved following of loyal customers and admirers.

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For Centuries, the Tarot cards have offered mankind the wisdom of the ages, a beautiful, helpful source of divine inspiration. Today, the Tarot survives as an esoteric pictorial language which fascinates a broad spectrum of humanity, yet remains inaccessible to most people.

Madame Cominichi is a truly authentic and delightful Gypsy fortune teller who comes from a long line of Tarot readers and Palmists, Psychics and seekers, and has been doing private consultations for over 25 years.

Tarot readings are like joyful mini healings which leave you feeling purer and calmer in their wake. Your reading will always direct you to toward positive goals, awakening you to the principles of love, fairness, aliveness, and the pursuit of happiness. The Tarot cards are beautiful helpful tools created many centuries ago, and subject to superstitious publicity which has given it a bad name and a negative image; rest assured these readings are purely positive with only the highest principles of love employed and a fantastic dramatic flair for theatrics to top it all off.

If you are considering such an experience for your guests, as well as a genuine Gypsy experience, consider this; Madame Cominichi arrives dressed in full Gypsy regalia, having set up all the necessary props including table, chairs, crystal balls, pendulums, (Angel cards for the kids).

The tarot decks used are the traditional Waite deck and the newer Cat inspired Mystical Cats deck.

Prompt and courteous, uplifting and positive, inspiring, focused and fun, this is a seriously enlightening and traditional addition to your event.

Relax and let Madame Cominichi help entertain your guests, it will be guaranteed to make your party a memorable one.

You may even contemplate making it a tradition in your family gatherings.

Wine Cork Readings Also Available for Your Event

The way it works is this: the client simply chooses between 5-6 corks individually at random from a cask basket filled with 68 corks. The Cork reader then arranges the corks during which a short and amusing reading is given!

Wine Cork Reading For Your Wine EventEstoteric Hand-painted Corks

Wine Cork Readings of seventeenth century France featuring 68 original symbolic hand painted vintage wine corks with beautifully colored original ancient symbolism on fragrant old corks.

A little history on the wine cork game and the person who is widely known to have introduced corks to the wine preserving techniques of the 17th century from Portugal, Spain and France, Dom Perignon. (1638–1715)

Dom Pérignon was a Benedictine Monk and cellar master at the Abby in Hautvilliers France. He pioneered a number of wine making techniques around 1670—being the first to blend grapes in such a way as to improve the quality of wines, balance one element with another and deal with a number of their imperfections; and sparkling wine was an element not meant to occur, however Dom Perignon persisted- and the art of producing clear white wines from black grapes resulted from his clever and extremely gentle manipulation of grapes and the presses; enhancing the tendency of Champagne wines to retain their high degree of sugar in order to naturally induce secondary fermentation in the spring; being a master at deciding when to bottle these wines in order to capture the bubble and he is known to have exclaimed “come quickly! I am tasting the stars!” He also introduced corks from the Portugal cork Oak tree, in which the cork is harvested each 9 years -never killing the tree-in order to keep the wines fresh and sparkling, and used thicker glass in order to strengthen the bottles (which were prone to explode at that time).

The decorated corks remained and were adopted – and adapted along with more symbolism and decoration–by local gypsy’s for fortune telling purposes while enjoying their wines and spirits.

Stories were told that each monk would then pull 5 corks which they had decorated with signs and symbols most popular of the time, it was an amusing way of searching for answers to daily questions on love and family and life. The subjects of protection was popular in that time, as was asking spirits, saints and deities for help.
The most natural game of connecting with the spiritual part of life, and using imagination along with the corks -as well as with a glass or 3 of delicious wine -had always been an amusing pastime. An enjoyable way of conversing with our ancestors. There is evidence in ancient texts, that people have always searched for ways of honoring and connecting with their deceased relatives and guardians.

The wine cork is an important and historical element of the sacred rites of the gods and of oracles and prophetic shrines. Many a wine cave was perused to engage these activities, and not generally known to most wine drinkers! While the role of the angels and the messages in the corks themselves affording a more meditating role; that of being messengers between God and men.

As an example, it’s well known that prehistoric cultures in northern and western Europe used circular symbols, rings and spirals nearby the settlements, which suggest that they were used to protect the site. The same symbolism was used next to the entrances of important tumuli (burial grounds and caves). Many of these sacred caves were already acquired for the secondary purpose of storing wines at cooler temperatures.

People still follow ancient and folklore methods, tattoo their personal symbols, wear amulets, pray for protection to deities they believe in. Humans are part of the nature, as nature is a part of all of us.

The puzzles of ancient symbolism can sometimes be difficult to read, but the remnants, many of which have survived, have been deciphered and thoughtfully transcribed into a more modern pictorial game to consider playing at your next party or wine tasting event.

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Private consultation  $60

Group events $150 hour